More Changeable Weather

Much more rain, with the occasional spell of sunshine, fell today.

We spent the morning talking with Flo and Dillon about their trip to Scotland and their hopes of buying a wonderful chunk of the Highlands.

In the afternoon en route to Shelly’s birthday party at Walkford we added our own spray showers to the verges, their drains regurgitating the water which was beyond their capacity to absorb, distributed by vehicles we were following.

There was a good family gathering at Jackie’s sister’s celebration at which a bunch of us watched the Rugby World Cup warm up match between Fiji and England.

On our return home I photographed a couple of views from my sitting room window then, before dinner

wandered around a damp garden with my camera. Each image bears a title in the gallery

We dined on racks of pork spare ribs and Jackie’s special fried rice, with which she drank McGuigan’s Black Label Chardonnay 2022, and I drank François Dubessy GSM 2021.


  1. I can’t picture a favorite. Everything in your garden is beautiful.
    I hope Flo and Dillon find a place they love. Poet Lynn Valentine posts such beautiful photos of the Scottish highlands where she lives. I’m not sure I’d want to live there in the winter though.

  2. Another day of heat (almost 100F) here. We are miserable, so are the dogs. I cannot wait for this summer to be over. Enjoy the rain! Send it our way, please. (PS. Jackie, what is a special fried rice?)

    1. Thanks very much, Bridget. The rice usually contains egg and peas. I hope you get some cooler weather and rain

  3. It makes a joyful change to go out for a family celebration. The end result of the warm up game might not have been as pleasing.

  4. Sounds like the kids trip went well! Bestest wishes for their future!
    Happy Birthday to Shelley!
    Our weather keeps fluctuating from hot to damp/rainy then back to hot. Is Mother Nature having hot flashes?!?! (HA! wink, wink!)
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. I agree with Doug, it always a treat!

    I think you’ve had more rain than we have. I was only thinking yesterday at how our present weather was good for the gardens.
    A day of sunshine but not too hot, and followed by a day of showers, but not too heavy, just enough to be absorbed.

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