Not Yet Completely Devoid Of Flies

This morning the skies were overcast and the temperature cooler.

After a Tesco shopping trip Jacki and I drove into the forest.

The small lake on Clay Hill, although still bearing reflections was drying , its crumbling banks

dotted with brambles, wild rose hips, and heather,

that Jackie photographed in close-up.

Bracken was beginning to brown; roots were exposed beneath the trees; acorns now dropping presaged the start of pannage; further up the hill more heather purpled the moorland up which a winding road ascended.

Although not yet completely devoid of flies ponies along Bisterne Close had emerged from the depths of the woodland which had been their recent refuge,

Friendly cyclists appreciated Jackie’s allowing them to pass in safety as she tucked the Modus into the verge.

After lunch warm sunshine returned to tempt out a slithering grass snake which Jackie made a good attempt at photographing before it slipped through a crack to safety.

This evening we all dined on Ashley fish, chips, mushy peas and curry sauce; Mrs Elswood’s sandwich gherkins; and Garner’s pickled onions, with which I finished the GSM and no-one else drank.


  1. I’ll soon get to see my favorite pretty pannage porkers. Hurray! Glad the fly season is on the wane. Wish I could say the same for mosquitoes here since I am sporting three new itchy bites from yesterday.

    1. We, too, have had our share of those this year. Jackie has worse bites than I do. Thanks very much, Pat

      1. The mosquito problem has got worse. I don’t recall being troubled bu mosquitoes until only quite recently. There are horrible small black beetley things as well which give a nasty nip.

  2. The photos of the black and white horses together are beautiful. So, probably a stupid question, but do the horses just tough it out in the wild all winter?

  3. Heather is lovely close up and from afar.

    Big props to Jackie for the snake photos. My reactions to snakes are usually: scream, run/freeze, die. Grabbing a camera will never be in the mix.

    1. Yes. Quite harmless. The only snake that bites is an adder, death from which is very rare. Thanks very much, Rosaliene

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a close up of heather, so thank you for that! I also liked the dark brown pony next to the mossy tree trunk. 🙂

  5. I’m so jealous….all these years and I never did see a grass snake. Nottinghamshire is more or less too cold for reptiles. with few records even of Common Lizards.

  6. Lovely photos today.
    I’ve never seen a grass snake, so I’m supposing that if Nottinghamshire is too cold for them, I’m very unlikely to see one here Yorkshire.

    The wretched flies decreased overnight here when Richard moved the sheep and cattle last week.

  7. Gorgeous photos, Derrick and Jackie! ❤️❤️
    Oh, my on the flies! Oh, eek and quake on the snake! HA! Maybe the snake could go on a long trip and take the flies with him.
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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