Christmas Carols

On a bright, sunny, and chilly morning Jackie drove me to Sears Barbers in Milford on Sea for my haircut.

The shop is opposite the green where all the regular Christmas decorations have been renewed.

The post box can be seen from the barbers.

Alongside the two decorated boxes stand the car park bollards.

While I wandered among the fresh craftwork I was entertained by a group of melodious carol singers.

The three kings, shepherds, angels, sheep, lambs, and Mary and Joseph with the crib were all newly painted.

Benches and waste bins all bore new decorations;

the wicker deer may have survived intact from last year.

Many of the shops sported festive windows.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s authentic Chicken Jalfrezi, with Butter Chicken for Flo and Ellie, and savoury rice, sprinkled with cropped coriander, and parathas, with which I drank Hacienda Uvanis Garnacha Old Vines 2020.


  1. Christmas is in the air. To ‘experience an English December’ we have on our retirement to-do list is . Unfortunately, the opportunity to achieve this has been and gone… financially that is but we’ll leave it on the list. 🙂

  2. ‘Tis the season! I love all the Christmas decorations and lights!
    Ooh! I can hear those carolers singing! 🙂 Yes, I LOVE Christmas music/songs! I started playing it the day after Thanksgiving! My family will hold their yearly Christmas Music Intervention in February to get me to stop playing Christmas music! HA!
    Ellie is really going to be into Christmas this year! I can’t wait to hear about it! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) and thank you for sharing the beautiful Christmas-y photos!
    PS…The lady in the window modeling the Santa hat needs a Christmas dress! Ha! 🙂

  3. Apart from the nearest retail park three miles away (a small one) I haven’t visited anywhere during the start of Advent to see Christmas at its best. Maybe next week!
    I love the displays you showed.

  4. I love the Christmas spirit and singing carols! Someone worked hard on those decorations. The sheep with curls is my favorite.

  5. Very, very festive, Derrick. How far do you drive for a haircut? You could save time and money by doing it yourself but you’d miss all the decorations and holiday spirit. (I just cut mine this evening, right down to nothing, yes, the lowest setting in the shaver????. Probably saved $12-20)

  6. These decorations are a pleasure to see. I have at last been able to find sufficient time in between bouts of load shedding to bake our Christmas fruit cake!

  7. That looks like a wonderful day out amid the seasonal festivities, Derrick and Jackie. People in the area here have started putting up Christmas decorations, too. Looks quite colorful at night.

  8. The bollards are cleverly done. You live in a creative and talented community and it shows. There is nothing quite like a fresh haircut, eh? My sister finally had her hair cut and styled quite short and it’s renewed her interest in wearing earrings again. That makes my heart sing.

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