The Tree

On another day of steady rain descending from slate grey skies, through my window I watched daytime headlights streaming along the glistening Christchurch Road and decided not to get wet by going out to photograph them.

Instead, I spent most of the day with Churchill’s “Early Life”.

Flo, on the other hand, continued her Christmas tradition carried out, apart from a few years in America, that has been her

decorating Granny’s tree since she was two years old.

This evening we all dined on further portions of Jackie’s chicken curry meals with which I drank more of the Garnacha


  1. The tree is very beautiful! It would look beautiful over here too of course. Sorry about all of the rain, Derrick, a good day for ducks! Rainy days make me want to just watch TV and listen to the rain falling outside. ❤️????????????????❤️

    1. She specialised in taking baubles of the tree and bouncing them gently on the floor. Thanks very much, Pat

  2. I am afraid that Zoe would make quick work of our precious ornaments gathered over the years. Perhaps a very tiny tree placed on the mantle out of her reach?

  3. What a lovely tree! We don’t put up any tree or decorations here. The cats would have too much fun with the ornaments and tinsel. We have a little folding table top tree made of slatted wood painted two shades of green. It has one small string of battery operated lights, and only goes up on the table Christmas eve and Christmas day.

  4. Eek! I have been dealing with a swimming pool that turned green over night and haven’t put up a tree yet! This is a lovely tradition: first my children and then my grandchildren were tasked with the decorations … alas, I shall have to remember how to this year.

  5. Loved this Derrick… I spent the rainy day decorating our Christmas tree too 🙂 .. Yours looks lovely.
    Thankfully today the rain has stopped, but very grey and gloomy out still..
    Have a Joyous weekend Derrick xx

  6. That is a beautiful tree, and Flo did an excellent job decorating it. We have a small tree that sits on a table because, a large tree wouldn’t last long with our cat.

    1. I’m surprised that even a tree on a table is safe from your cat. Thanks very much, Eugi

      1. You’re welcome, Derrick. The other night we coudn’t find her, and finally after a thorough search, we found her sleeping on the table by the tree. Otherwise, she hasn’t bothered it.

  7. I thought I’d commented already.
    Joshua trimmed ours at the weekend and then over the next few days I discreetly moved a few baubles around!

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