Fading Light

In the drizzling gloom on the already fading light of late afternoon we drove to Milford on Sea Pharmacy for repeat medication before continuing into the forest.

The decorated post box on Pilley Street now has a Christmas theme.

Further along a small van sprayed some of the pool crossing the road. An oncoming car let this vehicle pass in order to avoid trying the deeper level.

Mallards now own the fully filled and

reflecting lake alongside Jordans Lane.

The thatched Corner Cottage at Norley Wood has an outside decorated Christmas tree.

On our way home the lights decorating the lamp posts on the outskirts of Lymington were coming into their own.

This evening we all dined on Jackie’s savoury rice with tempura and salt and pepper prawn preparations and spring rolls, with which the Culinary Queen finished the white Zinfandel and I drank more of the shiraz


  1. I like the mailbox decorations. That is a lot of knitting and crocheting behind all those. Still so much water on the roads and in the low areas! Happy ducks, unhappy motorists.

    When evening falls, the lights look so beautiful, no matter where they be.

  2. Wow, your area has had so much rain lately, perfect for the ducks! I like the post box decor, someone has fun doing this! Mailbox or Postbox? ????❤️

  3. The way you have ducks enjoying the water, we’re having the ibis bathe in our driveway and honk their way across our lawn. haha, they love all the rain!

  4. Your dinner sounds lovely!

    We had a wonderful day at Milford beach on the last warm day of summer. My cheeseseller actually went into the sea- he never usually does that.

  5. “…. before continuing into the forest.” Because the forest is a normal and wonderful place to continue into. I enjoyed the reflections and the Christmas decorations.

  6. I dont think that there are many areas of Nottingham where “an outside decorated Christmas tree” would last very long, before somebody converted it into an inside decorated Christmas tree

  7. We’ve got some similar postbox toppers here in Mid Wales. The last time I looked our village postbox had one celebrating Remembrance Sunday… I’ll have to see if it’s changed for Christmas.

      1. I think it was last year when we had a white Boxing Day. I seem to remember a few of those over the years but can’t bring to mind a white Christmas Day.
        I love the reflection images.

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