A Replacement Card

On a rather warmer but grey morning Jackie drove me to the Chiropractic for another enjoyable session of forceful pressure and gentle manipulation from the powerful fingers of Eloise, after which I carried out a little Christmas shopping on New Milton’s Station Road before meeting Mrs Knight for brunch in Poppin’s Café.

My afternoon was spent on telephone calls, wrapping presents, and reading more of “The Charterhouse of Parma”.

For a while now Jackie has been having problems with the interface between her Canon SX740HS camera and the memory card. Yesterday she ordered a new card which we hoped would be all that was necessary. She ordered a new one from Amazon yesterday.

It arrived today and she tried it out. It worked.

For dinner we all enjoyed chicken Kiev; chips; and broccoli stems, with which I drank Corte Aurelio Nero D’Avola red wine 2022.


    1. Thanks very much, Merril. Socks from a previous Christmas. I hope I don’t get any more next year

  1. What a lovely Christmas tree and handsome fella!

    By the way, the arrows don’t work to scroll through your images (It’s probably a WP thing because another blogger has the same issue….)

  2. I’m pleased to hear that the chiropractor is helping your pain and mobility. Neck pain is debilitating. Derrick, did you wrap all those presents under and near the tree?

      1. And tomorrow the paper will become scraps on the floor, colorful reminders of the time spent choosing a gift and wrapping it with care. Merry Christmas to all, Derrick xo

    1. Thanks very much, Dolly. I’m pleased you noticed Ellie’s giraffe. There are three complicated procedures to operate on it. She only had to be shown once

  3. I love your Christmas tree, guys! Lovely colors. Or, colours. I need a chiropractic visit too, Derrick, I’m glad that this has helped you so much. I’ve has SD cards go bad too, they are fairly expensive but you have to have them of course. Wish me happy birthday this Thursday! ????????

  4. You and the Christmas tree ???? both look festive. Nice turn of the head. Showing off your improved mobility? Dinner looks good. Won’t ask you what you bought until next week… ????

  5. You and Jackie are VERY organised: tree up and decorated and gifts wrapped and under the tree!!! I am way behind in Christmas preparations other than the baking. I note from the photograph that your neck is stiff – glad you are regaining more mobility in that area.

  6. Gorgeous tree! I love love love blue lights at Christmas! 🙂
    So glad Jackie’s camera is all better now! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. I’m glad the sessions are working, it must be a hug relief.

    At the end of the summer a batch of photos were missing from my old Sony camera which was disappointing.

    Looking online, I found free trial software and this showed me that the photos were on the card but damaged and unretrievable. I suppose I was pushing it by continuing to use the same card for fourteen years. Like Jackie I purchased a new card and all is well.

  8. It is good to hear that the new camera card is working, and that the chiropractic sessions are still going well. Much love to you both this season and always! Not long until Christmas now.

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