Getting Better

Now I have a cold. Which is better than it seems, because I think it has explained my neck pain relapse.

After another reasonable night’s sleep this morning I rang BritChiro to cancel my appointment with Eloise because I did not want to infect her. I was told I could still attend the clinic provided I wore a mask, a supply of which they had available.

Unaware that a virus was headed in my direction, three days ago, my constant pain became agonising. After two consecutive days treatments from my chiropractor I was definitely improving. Yesterday I remembered that some time last year I had experienced a sudden increase of acute pain in my knee joints, which lessened when followed on my heels by a virus of some sort. Becky, Flo, and Jackie all related similar symptoms. That seemed a satisfactory answer, especially as this morning’s chiropractic session was smooth, with less pain, and effective, so it was the virus that kept me in a stupor thereafter today.

I don’t need three treatments this week because there is such improvement that we can dispense with the Wednesday one.

We all continued to reminisce during the times I was awake.

This evening we all dined on tasty Tesco toad in the hole supplemented by Ferndene Farm Shop Sausages; red cabbage cooked in onions and Bramley apples; creamy mashed potatoes; carrots, Brussels sprouts and broccoli, with which Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the Côtes du Rhône.


  1. I wish you quick recovery. Nowadays the viruses are so unpredictable and strong. I got flue on December 22 to January 7, and still not hundred percent well.
    Take care, Derick.

  2. I’m glad that you have a cold and not Covid, Derrick! What a relief. Chiropractic adjustments are always a good thing. Get better! I had to look up the Toad-In-A-Hole dish, it sounds delicious! ????????❤️

  3. I am glad it was just a cold and not something worse! I am relieved you are feeling better, and the chiropractic sessions went well. I worry about you and Jackie.

    I once knew an English post doc, and that was the first I had heard of toad in the hole. I have never eaten it.

  4. Snap! We watched “Mrs Harris Goes to Paris” and she served French people Toad in the Hole (Bemused, they ate it politely 🙂 ) All my best to you for a speedy recovery. I had a cold when on the riverboat cruise and it laid me low. I lost a day and a bit. Not nice at all. So I can suggest, that for this at least, “I know how you feel”.

  5. “Untitled”…oh, my! How about Don’t Worry, Be Hoppy! “…tasty Tesco toad in the hole…” YAY! Yummy!!! 🙂 My mom always called it “Chicken in a hole”. I still make it…it’s hearty and comforting. I hope you are completely well very soon, Derrick!

  6. It’s funny how body pains and ailments can be interlinked with one another.

    You have an itch in a leg and it is connected to a toothache. You have a migraine headache and it is connected to back pains. Things like that.

    Come visit my blog, and leave some comments, if you like

  7. It is interesting how the symptoms played off of one another. That one felt better just as the virus was evident.
    I am watching my own symptoms to see if the same thing happens to me!
    I hope the cold is short-lived.

          1. I would think so, too. When I had my hip replacement and still in hospital I said I had a dosset box at home. This was translated as “Carer fills dosset box”

  8. I’m very happy to learn you are feeling better and the reason for the increased pain you were feeling. Those viruses do seem to be hardest on our weak spots. Glad you get to skip a session. Keep taking good care of yourself, Derrick.

  9. It’s that time of year, unfortunately, when we all gather indoors, just in time for cold and flu season. At least it’s not covid. I’m glad you are moving in the right direction, Derrick.

  10. What a challenging time you’re having, Derrick. Like you, I find it helps when I can join a few dots and understand why things are happening. I’m pleased that the neck pain is improving. Hopefully the virus will pass quickly.

  11. Oh, dear! I’m sorry to hear you’ve caught another cold. I hope you feel better very soon and that Jackie manages to avoid it, I wouldn’t want her to have another nasty chest infection.

    Excellent news about the smooth Chiro session. And I agree about joint pain preceding an infection.

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