The Return Of The King

With storm Isha on the way today I stayed inside and scanned the illustrations from the third of the Lord of The Rings trilogy, being a result of the redrafting by Eric Fraser of Ingahild Grathmer’s original drawings.

Here is the title page and frontispiece.

and here the pages complementing the text.

This evening we all dined on King’s House Chinese takeaway – a new outlet which delivers excellent food in good portions on Sundays.


  1. I hope that you aren’t getting the terrible snowstorms that passed over our northern tier states and Canada recently, Derrick. There were three in a row, all coming ashore on our west coast and the Pacific Ocean. Bad storms! Stay indoors, I’m glad that your heat is working properly again!

  2. I have read my way through the whole trilogy but I would have appreciated those illustrations to help me on my way. The books are a case of ‘one damned thing after another’.

  3. Wonderful illustrations. I happened to read the bottom of The Last Debate page where Legolas says they need more gardens as the houses are dead and there little that grows there and is glad. He would bring trees and birds if Aragorn comes into his own. I bet Legolas would appreciate your house and gardens, Derrick, even in winter.

  4. I do like those illustrations.
    You did the right thing by staying at home and away from the stormy weather.
    I hope it’s not too bad this morning.

    Storm Isha hit us yesterday with winds that were apparently 60 mph. It sounded worse than that, far worse.

    This morning the winds are down to 50 mph. The BBC forecast says rain is not expected today! I beg to differ, I think they should come here and see the heavy rain and redo the forecast!

    Do you remember when I commented that we mirror each other with heating problems? Well, my son-in-law forgot to order the heating oil! Why we always run out at weekends?

  5. I read the books a long time ago. The battle scenes bird me. I love the illustrations.
    It’s been cold and windy here in New York. Spoiled our trip to Montauk.

  6. I had time and so I scrolled back to find this one, which I knew would be here. I think the illustrations are just excellent, and I appreciate all the cataloguing that you have done. I am especially pleased with how the text ends on the very last image: “So that feud was ended.” A famous feud for those who follow the story, and in the movies this little bit of pleasure is skipped for time constraints.

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