A Memorable Day

On this morning of steady rain we splashed and sprayed our way along Christchurch Road transporting 10 spent compost bags of garden refuse to Efford Recycling Centre. Naturally we wore a few raindrops, but at least this went well.

Will of Tom Sutton Heating visited to fix our radiators problems. We have four we just haven’t been able to bleed since Christmas and two that don’t work. Will bled the four successfully, but established that the other two are on the wrong circuit which he will discuss with Ronan. At least the weather is comparatively mild.

I then tried to print some pictures for the first time since James Peacock had checked over the printer a week or so ago. This now seems to be operating on WiFi and I don’t understand how to enter the right numbers into a thingy I don’t know. Eventually I gave up and had a look at my e-mails. James had left me one asking if everything is working now. I couldn’t ring him back because the office was now closed, so I left him a voicemail for tomorrow.

Becky, having examined all I had done, then asked whether I had unplugged and replugged the router, which, of course I hadn’t. She did. Everything worked and I produced

this print with the correct colours.

Then, the best part of the day, we all dined on Jackie’s superb roast lamb, boiled potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, mange touts, and gravy with which Ian drank Hoegaarden, the Culinary Queen and Becky drank Cape Kyala Chenin Blanc 2023, and I drank Carménère Reserva Privada 2022.

Thus an eminently forgettable day became memorable.


  1. The old trick of turning off and on works an amazing amount of the time. You got an excellent print. I wish I could get my printer to work as well as that.

    1. Very young garden peas in their pods – translated from French as eat everything. Thanks very much, Amanda

  2. Your printer did a great job, Martin looks great! He is now an international star. Hi from America, Martin! ???? Dinner sounds so delish! ????

  3. Good! Yay for a memorable day! And Yay for Becky! 🙂
    ‘Tis a lovely photo of Martin and his beautiful smile! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

    1. When they get air in the system they don’t work – the air has to be “bled” out with a key.

  4. I wonder if you deep know someone else will deal with your technology problem and that’s why you don’t even try. I am just asking because my husband seems to ‘operate’ this way. 🙂

    1. That is true, but on this occasion I spent several hours on it and actually worked it all out – except why the computer and printer were “not talking to each other”, as Becky put it. Thanks very much, Bridget

  5. I had to chuckle at, “I don’t understand how to enter the right numbers into a thingy…” because it sounds so familiar and relatable. Three cheers for Jackie and her technical skills of unplugging and plugging back in!

  6. One day, when I was cracking jokes about the “unplug and plug back” method of fixing computers, my son explained to me the scientific rationale behind it. Not that I can repeat it, but from what I remember from 5th grade Physics class, it made sense.

  7. Since our sons moved to other countries and so are far out of reach, I find I have fallen into the role of technical support for when the television goes on the blink or something goes oops on my husband’s computer. Patience works for both and Google often assists me with the latter. It is wonderful when everything electronic actually works as it should in a home!

  8. You won’t be the only one not to notice you weren’t plugged in to the router. We take it for granted that everything is connected.
    I’ve lost track of the times I was called into classrooms because a computer wouldn’t fire up, only to find the cleaner had unplugged it from the mains.

  9. It’s amazing how often restarting fixes things. I’m glad that’s all it was. Great portrait of Martin! Hope your radiator problems are fixed as easily.

  10. Maintenance is such an important part of life, although we don’t always like the cost or inconvenience of doing it. Somehow we think things should work perfectly for ever! LOL Thankfully all we need at times is just a reboot! Glad you got your stuff back on track.

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