My Ancestry Thoughts Confirmed

My DNA results have confirmed my thought that I probably have Viking Ancestry:

66% England and Northwestern Europe predominantly north – East Midlands, Yorkshire and North England – 12% Scotland, 10% Sweden and Denmark, 1% Norway are pretty convincing. The southwestern English elements would have come from my father.

I now have the added intrigue as I continue reading “Kristin Lavransdatter” of the possibility that my ancestors may have lived like those in the novel

This evening, with my appetite back, with the others in the kitchen, I enjoyed roast chicken, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and parsnips, cauliflower; still from a tray on my knees in the sitting room, and drank water.

Somewhat Shamefaced

A member of the Britannia Thai staff having left a message on Ian’s answerphone to say that they had found my lens cap, I collected it this afternoon.

Jackie drove me via Angel Lane, like many others bearing the deposits of last night’s overnight rain, now desisted, but, as we discovered, also leaving the

moorland more waterlogged and many trees in standing water providing temporary accommodation for mallards.

Primroses like those along Royden Lane, and daffodils along Church Lane with its ancient mossy verges lined our route to Pilley,

where ponies enjoyed foraging on the green where a brisk breeze dried their hair,

and damp donkeys disrupted the traffic along Jordans Lane.

We have all been wondering why I have not received the results of my DNA test allegedly registered with Ancestry on 4th January .

This afternoon Becky and Flo decided to investigate, and discovered that I misinformed all my blogging friends on the above highlighted post by boasting that I had successfully registered when in fact all I had done was register an account with Ancestry DNA and my spit has not been registered. It has, however, been stored somewhere and from today, since the ladies have made a better job than I, it has been activated; the results should be communicated by e-mail in about two months time.

I now feel somewhat shamefaced for bragging about my prowess.

This evening we all dined on moist roast chicken, crisp roast potatoes and Yorkshire pudding; crunchy carrots, firm Brussels sprouts; and tender runner beans, with tasty gravy. Jackie drank Western Cape Sauvignon Blanc 2023, and I drank Mighty Murray shiraz.

Am I A Viking?

One of my Christmas presents, given jointly by Dillon, Flo, and Jackie, was an Ancestry DNA testing kit.

Having plucked up courage to register this on line, to follow the instructions to provide material for testing, to seal it up, and to post it, I gave it a go.

First I needed to log onto Ancestry’s web site and directions for reading and entering my own specific code. With much trepidation I managed this.

Then came following the directions for spitting into a tube up to the right level, replacing the supplied funnel from which my saliva slipped down the glass with a cap containing stabilising fluid, tightening the cap to secure the fluid, shake it all about to ensure a good mix, seal it up in the supplied container packet placed in the postage paid box, and hand it to Jackie to post when she went shopping.

If you have managed to follow all this, please be impressed.

Now what would I want with one of these?

Well, ever since I received surgery as detailed in the following post:

and discovered that this condition is known as the Viking’s disease; having a Yorkshireman as a maternal grandfather and at 6’3″ in my prime having been very tall for one born 7 weeks premature in 1942 and surviving, I have nurtured a fantasy that I may have antecedents, many of whom lie buried in Yorkshire.

Later, I posted

This evening we all dined on Jackie’s penne Bolognese with Parmesan cheese to which I added some of my Scotch Bonnet sauce and with which I drank more of the Cabernet Sauvignon.