A Complimentary

Late last night I watched a recording of the Six Nations rugby match between France and England.

I spent much of another wet day among the pages of Thackeray’s “Vanity Fair”, after which Jackie and I dined at Lal Quilla in Lymington High Street, where we enjoyed a meal of their usual high quality, friendly, attentive, and efficient service.

We started with poppadoms, chutneys, and Kingfisher beer which lasted for the rest of the meal. The dishes are then cleared away and

the main courses served:

mine being prawn dansak and Jackie’s Goan chicken;

we shared mushroom rice, a plain paratha, and sag paneer.

With the bill comes warm wet wipes, chocolate mints, and Baileys – now always termed a complimentary in our household. Jackie, who produced all the photographs, down her complimentary sharpish.


  1. How nice to have a complimentary! The meal looks delicious and what better way of coping with a wet day than reading a good book (and such a long one too!)

  2. Wonderful photos, Jackie! Sounds (and looks) like a great place to dine, chat, and eat some delicious food and drinks!
    (((HUGS))) 🙂 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 🙂

  3. Great set of photos, Jackie. A nice touch of complimentary Bailey’s and chocolate mint to finish off the meal.

    1. Yves Restaurant in Ajijic, Mexico,. always includes a complimentary glass of “Bailey’s” at the end of the meal, as well, but they make their own! You can’t tell it from the original.

  4. That looks like a delicious meal out, Derrick and Jackie!

    I took photos of your Michael’s tree, and GP’s Michael’s tree. Both are doing well.

    1. It is. We have been regulars for 12 years – ever since we spotted Naga on the menu. Thanks very much, Sheree

  5. Mmmm… your photos of the food almost came with a smell into my computer. S’pose that can happen for real in our lifetimes?

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