St Leonard’s Road

On a cool, drier, afternoon of intermittent sunshine Jackie and I took a forest drive to the east of the forest.

Ditches along Sowley Lane were filled with clear water reflecting clusters of primroses on the sloping banks. The first pair of the images in this gallery are mine; the second, Jackie’s.

Pheasants squawked raspingly in the adjacent fields, occasionally dicing with death along the road and the verges. Jackie’s is the fourth photograph in this set.

Our familiar equine group were still present here.

Oilseed rape now covers the fields alongside this lane and

St Leonard’s Road, still bearing burgeoning blackthorn bushes,

above which gnarled naked oaks brushed scudding cotton clouds permitting patches of blue to peek through.

Later, I watched the Women’s Six Nations rugby match between Italy and England.

This evening we all dined on spicy, salt and pepper, and tempura prawn preparations; Jackie’s colourful savoury rice; duck spring rolls; and a mix of runner and green beans, and mange touts, with which I drank Reserva Privado Chilean Malbec 2022.


  1. There is an air of life is getting back to normal in this peaceful post. It is good to see the animals in place, the reflections, and some wild flowers.

  2. The little Primroses are so cute as are the critters! I’m glad that you had a dry day. I thought you were going to post more pothole photos! Have a great new week, guys. ????

  3. Spring’s turbulent skies, reflections in water, new growth and fuzzy ponies still in winter coats. All favorites of mine, Derrick and Jackie. Thank you!

  4. Such wonderful photos, Jackie and Derrick…the details, the faces, the colours, the moods, the textures! The oaks in their winter garb look lovely with that backdrop of blue and white. And, Derrick, your creative, poetic prose always makes me smile and sigh. Beautiful! 🙂
    ((((HUGS))) and ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ to everyone in your home!

  5. Seeing winter slowly fade and spring slowly show her colors – oh so slowly – is a gift every year. As are your photos. We had an unexpected warm stretch in early March so weeks too soon our daffodils bloomed and some crocus and even cherry trees. Then this weekend pounds of cold rain and dropped at night to 24 degrees F. So sad to see the early risers decease. But lots more bulbs (who were more hesitant about growing) will rise in another week or so.

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