Ellie has been disappointed the last few evenings when her favourite moon has hidden behind the clouds.

I was up early enough this morning to photograph one at 5 a.m. and print her a copy.

Afterwards I posted

Although Dillon is a very experienced driver with an American licence he has to take a UK test which is booked for tomorrow. Becky came over this afternoon to accompany him when he undertakes it tomorrow, because he needs a UK licenced driver to drive with him. Later they went out for a test run with Flo and Ellie as passengers.

Our daughter therefore stayed over again and joined the rest of us for dinner which consisted of wholesome cottage pie; crunchy carrots; firm cauliflower and broccoli and tasty gravy with which I drank more of the Sangiovese & Syrah Toscana and Jackie drank Hoegaarden.


  1. I love your moon photo, Derrick! It was so sweet of you to get up and outside so early for Ellie. ❤️ I hope that Dillon passes his UK drivers license test easily. That would be tricky for me since the left and right turns are different among much more I am sure.

    Best of luck, Dillon!

    Our American drivers licenses are all different looking yet have some standard things on them too. My Nevada drivers license looks very different from my old Michigan drivers license.

  2. Bingo! I just finished making cottage pie to take with me as we visit all three of our granddaughters for Easter Saturday. Last time we saw them all together was November at a wedding, which of course, was too busy for chitter-chatter. It would be nice if we were all close together and saw each other regularly as you do with your family. Our great-grandchildren will be there too of course, the boy Aceson, and our own little Ellie.

    Hoping Dillon “sails” through his test with flying colours.

  3. Your moon photos are Fabulous Derrick …
    “Moon Dreams (a Haiku)”

    Answering the moon
    I’m a dreamer of the night
    Dark side lullabies

    1. Thank you very much, Alys. She came to me while I was working on the computer and asked me to get the moon on the screen. Not the full sentence you understand 🙂

  4. Best of luck to Dillon!
    Such beautiful photos! How sweet of you to take photos of Ellie’s moon and gift them to her! I’m sure she was thrilled! That moon likes to play hide and seek some nights. Ha!
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. How kind of you to capture the moon for Ellie! Oh, and I wish I were there sipping a little of that Sangiovese & Syrah Toscana with you!!

  6. Here’s hoping that Dillon passes his UK driving test. Even as a pedestrian and front-seat passenger in a vehicle, I found it difficult to adjust to changes of left- and right-hand driving.

  7. The UK doesn’t accept an American license? tsss.
    I still have my old French license. Eternally valid, so I’m told. Would it work in the UK? ???? Oh, that’s right you guys drive on the “wrong” side of the road… ????

    1. Thanks a lot, Brian. The law came in when it was discovered that certain other countries’ driving tests were so inadequate that it was dangerous to let them loose on our roads.

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