Hiding In Plain Sight

A highlight of this Easter Sunday was Ellie’s Easter egg Hunt, the photographic recording of which I shared with Dillon, who, in this first

set made the pictures of the scene on the paving stones, while I produced the closer views.

Her Dada photographed Ellie finding the egg balanced on top of the wooden toadstools; I pictured her searching in the grass for the treat she knocked off, Dillon’s replacement, and our great granddaughter holding her trophy.

Here is another find being placed in Becky’s bag;

and Ellie’s excitement at another find;

the first of these investigating her bag with Jackie is mine, the second, Dillon’s.

I had to hide one, in plain sight as with all the others, among her favourite feathered friends.

Dillon pictured Granny, GramGram, and Ellie; I made the final image.

This afternoon I watched the Women’s Six Nations rugby match between Ireland and Italy.

Ian having joined us last night, this evening we all dined at Lal Quilla, where we enjoyed the usual splendid food with friendly, efficient service, and drank Kingfisher, Diet Coke, J20, and water. Where else would you expect a manager to greet Ellie with “Popadoms and mango chutney?”.


  1. Delightful photos! I especially love the excited find and the family shot with Flo, Dillon, Ellie. I’m reminded of Easter Egg hunts my parents put on for my children. Wonderful memories!

  2. The joy on Ellie’s face says it all!
    Egg Hunts are always fun!
    So wonderful of you to capture the memories on film for Ellie!
    (((HUGS))) ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️

  3. What a dash of sweetness and joy this post is, Derrick. I can these photos printed and kept in a dedicated album. Thank you for sharing the joy. It sounds like your dinner was delicious and delightful, too.

  4. What a fabulous set of Easter images. I’m sure you all had a wonderful time with your tiny tot.
    Our little youngsters were with the in-laws this year. It made a change to spend the day with adult ones instead.

  5. Thank u for sharing your Easter with us! I miss those days of grandkids here searching for the “hidden in plain sight” eggs!!

  6. These are priceless photos of the egg hunt! Ellie looks so cute in her own pastel Easter colors. She is such a joyous child! I love her expressions.

    I remember being in an Easter egg hunt as a child, discovering one egg when I accidentally sat on it. The hunt was inside due to snow that year, and one of the eggs had been hidden under a seat cushion.

  7. I hate that viewed from notifications, no Likes or comments are allowed.. I read through 4 blogs, frustrated because I couldn’t comment.. Then remembered I had to click on the title to see Comments..I’m hopeless. Thanks for sharing your Easter Egg hunt. Sio darling. See you next year. (For the hunt…I’ll see you before that, too.)

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