Burning Garden Refuse

Today Nick applied first coats of paint to the Garden Room. In the meantime, with minor assistance from me, Jackie burnt the garden refuse unsuitable for composting. Later this afternoon Jackie and I took a short forest drive. Along Forest Road a pair of ponies and foals set off into the shrubbery as I walkedContinue reading “Burning Garden Refuse”

There Are No Pale Grey Foals

Preparation is an oft overlooked essential part of house decoration – especially if this has not been adequately carried out for decades. Such has been the case with our home which Nick Hayter has transformed over the years. He spent several hours on this today. This afternoon I made him some prints from today andContinue reading “There Are No Pale Grey Foals”

Twilight Haze

On a dull and frosty morning Jackie photographed some aspects of the garden. A perky dragon was garlanded in frosted ivy; the ‘Autumn’ sculpture vied with winter; euphorbia, cordyline Australis, and rose leaves bore fringes of frost and lingering water drops; some potted pansies were rather limp, while iris reticulata and tulips broke the soilContinue reading “Twilight Haze”