Doctor Ruppel’s Cricket

This morning I continued my dead heading race with the plants and some gentle weeding, while Jackie concentrated on clearing out spent compost from hanging baskets, planting up more, and redistributing the compost.

These baskets are some of last year’s which will receive her attention.

Here are two of the clematises that border on the patio, the second of which is a Doctor Ruppel;

ascending the Gothic arch is another one such, today providing a resting place for a minuscule cricket.

The climber, Paul’s Scarlet occupies the Wisteria arbour from where similar coloured poppies can now be seen half way along the Gazebo Path.

We have lost the label for this white rose in the Dragon Bed, but

I remember this one is Winchester Cathedral, situated in

The Rose Garden, where we will also find

Rhapsody in Blue and this pale pink climber.

The rhododendron in the Cryptomeria Bed is now in full bloom,

as are a number of aquilegias and a few day lilies.

Finally, Erigeron festoons corners of the patio.

This afternoon we shopped at Tesco and I read more of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain begun yesterday evening.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s wholesome chicken and vegetable stewp with fresh crusty bread; I drank Almocreve vinho regional Alentejano tinto reserva 2020.


  1. Beautiful flowers! Are you sure that is a cricket? It is more beautiful than the ones we have here 🙂 Enjoy Tom Sawyer – what a lad he is!

    1. Thanks very much, Anne. I am not sure – it looks more translucent than usual, but they do start that small.

    2. Clare has identified it as a thick-thighed flower beetle in her later comment, Anne. You were right to question it – never mind it gave me a title 🙂

  2. So many beautiful flowers, guys, wow!! Wonderful. ❤️ Tesco had stores in the States for a while using the name Fresh and Easy, but they are gone. Perhaps the company didn’t understand how Americans shop? I have no idea but it certainly wasn’t a language issue. ????????????????❤️

  3. Very impressive garden, Derrick. Which came first the garden that came with the house or the house that had space for a garden? You never seem to lack for your next book. Nice. ????

    1. Thank you very much, Pat. The design was already here, but the garden was totally overgrown. My earlier posts show what we had to do when we could spend all day on it ourselves. I’ll never get to the end of my library.

  4. Gorgeous photos! I’m curious about when you write “redistributing the compost” does that mean redistributing the spent compost? I’m wondering if spent compost can be revived by adding new compost to it or do you just spread it around the garden?

    1. Thank you so much, Brian. Despite his languishing on my shelves for 50 years, I never have. My loss

    1. It is not the time, but creeping decrepitude that its the problem now, Judy. Thank you very much

  5. Beautiful colors! Beautiful faces! Beautiful “visitor” visiting Dr. Ruppel! 🙂
    I was so happy to see so many owls! 🙂
    Ooh! Mr. Twain! Since I was a wee little girl, I always enjoyed reading Mr. Twain’s words! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️
    PS… “Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.” – Mark Twain

  6. I did wonder what the title would refer to when I saw it in my inbox. I imagined some exotic cricket match in a book perhaps–not Tom Sawyer. It’s been a long time since I read it. We did visit Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)’s house in Hartford, CT. years ago, which I enjoyed very much.

    Your flowers are gorgeous. The rhododendron blossoms are such a beautiful color. I love your rose garden, and the unnamed white rose is lovely.

  7. Your garden is such a work of art, a labor of love, a place to cherish! Thank you for sharing these photos with us. Sure wish you could come and help Bob plant a few flowers here and hang our baskets. They need it! Your rhododendron is gorgeous … my favorite today!

  8. You have such a lovely garden fulll of my favourite flowers! The little green insect in the clematis flower is a swollen or thick-thighed flower beetle! They seem to be everywhere this year, little emerald, jewel-like creatures. Only the males have the swollen thighs 😀

  9. How beautiful. Only one of my rhododendrons has flowered so far and with only two blooms. I have no idea why this has happened.

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