Paths, Poppies; Bees, Blooms

On the morning of this cool, sunny, day to the tune of gentle birdsong and busy bees, I carried out dead heading and light weeding; Martin continued his sterling work for the whole day.

Among several other tasks, including mowing the lawn, our friend

completed the weeding of the Phantom and Brick Paths.

The three cordyline Australis trees disperse their heady scent throughout the garden where the eucalyptus and the yellow bottle brush plants are also in bloom.

Bright red poppies, attracting bees,

and gentle yellow Californian varieties are at their peak;

bottle brushes also draw the honey gatherers.

Day lilies are putting in regular appearances.

Roses are represented by two different pale pink New Dawns, the white Madame Alfred Carrière draped across the entrance to the Rose Garden, and Peach Abundance.

Here are views of the Gazebo Path, from the Cryptomeria Bed and of the Rose Garden.

This evening we dined at Rokali’s where my main course was duck Ceylon, and Jackie’s chicken sag; we shared puris and sag rice; I drank Kingfisher and Jackie drank Diet Coke. All was perfectly cooked, and well presented with excellent, friendly service.


  1. Glorious flowers. I might be able to do some deadheading or picture taking. Out of what Martin was doing, getting up and down from the sidewalk would probably be it. Dinner sounds great too.

  2. Martin has done an amazing job of weeding the Phantom and Brick Paths 🙂 Thank goodness we don’t have any brick paths! So many beautiful flowers in bloom 😀 What a pity that we can’t get a whiff of the scented cordyline Australis trees.

  3. I don’t know what amazes me more, the stamina of meticulous Martin, or the beauty of your flower photos. I especially love the Cordyline Australis 2 and the bee alighting on the poppy.

  4. You have a lovely variety of flowers in your garden. We saw many English cultivars at the botanical gardens this week. The current theme at the NY Botanical Garden is Alice in wonderland.

  5. It’s always a little surprise when I see the Aussie intruders in your garden. I can’t remember if you planted them or inherited them. And … it’s getting to where it seems you have Martin full-time. Can such a thing be possible?

    1. Thanks very much, Gwen. We inherited all the Antipodeans. I’m afraid we have the most possible of Martin.

  6. Delightful, Derrick! I do love your garden. Next time I’m heading your way, I’m going to get in touch beforehand and turn up with a bottle of red – in return for a cuppa and a tour 🙂

  7. I love the Peach Abundance … and all those beautiful flowers… and your fantastic garden. That picture of the bottle brush is magnificent! The garden just keeps getting prettier and prettier! How wonderful to have Martin’s help, huh? Oh, and your dinner sounded scrumptious!

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