A Knight’s Tale (146: Big Clean Days)

My penultimate day in Sigoules during February 2013 was what David had termed a ‘big clean’ day.  It is the mandatory preparation for the next visitors.  Washing and ironing was the least of it, because that had been done throughout my stay. I worked my way down from the top.  First the sweeping and hoovering,Continue reading “A Knight’s Tale (146: Big Clean Days)”

Keep Calm And Carrion

I won’t dwell on the agonies of transferring myself, stiffened after an hour’s drive, from the car to our living room; adjusting to the different seating levels, and manoeuvring myself around the home yesterday evening. Two examples will suffice. While Jackie was in the kitchen preparing wonderful scrambled egg on toast, I decided to riseContinue reading “Keep Calm And Carrion”

The Crab Pot

Many attractive trees and shrubs, like this beautiful green-barked maple, are simply in the wrong place and require sadly severe treatment. This one was denying access to the potting shed and encroaching upon the path, forcing other plants to do the same. We trust it will recover from this morning’s extensive amputations. Elizabeth drove Mum overContinue reading “The Crab Pot”