A Knight’s Tale (146: Big Clean Days)

My penultimate day in Sigoules during February 2013 was what David had termed a ‘big clean’ day.  It is the mandatory preparation for the next visitors.  Washing and ironing was the least of it, because that had been done throughout my stay. I worked my way down from the top.  First the sweeping and hoovering,Continue reading “A Knight’s Tale (146: Big Clean Days)”

Assiduous And Carnivorous Trees

It was the turn of a blue tit to investigate the crab apples on this very overcast morning. This one found the fruit a little large for its beak, and didn’t stay long. This afternoon, Elizabeth collected the keys for her new home. Naturally we were there to see her over the threshold, clutching thoughtfulContinue reading “Assiduous And Carnivorous Trees”


CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED I rose very early this morning and completed the emptying of the cupboard under the stairs, carrying some items into the library, and littering the kitchen surfaces with others. Take no notice of the clock. The photograph was taken a bit later. Jackie and I then beganContinue reading “Decluttering”

Terrifying Technology

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED This morning we began the task of familiarising our new kitchen and slowly returning items to it. Here is a reasonably complete view across the sink to the long work surface. To the left we have the fridge/freezer and ovens alongside the larder, opposite which are theContinue reading “Terrifying Technology”


CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN A CLUSTER TO ACCESS ITS GALLERY. THESE PICTURES MAY BE VIEWED FULL SIZE BY SCROLLING DOWN AND CHECKING THE INDIVIDUAL BOXES AT BOTTOM RIGHT. This morning, Richard, Lee, and Ross from Kitchen Makers arrived on time and began taking apart our old kitchen. Richard concentrated on the sink area, andContinue reading “Demolition”

Packing Up The Kitchen

INDIVIDUAL PHOTOGRAPHS MAY BE ENLARGED WITH A CLICK. CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN A CLUSTER TO ACCESS ITS GALLERY. SCROLL DOWN TO BOTTOM RIGHT AND CHECK VIEW FULL SIZE IF REQUIRED. This morning we began preparations for the kitchen work beginning on Monday. First, a table in the Utility Room was cleared to receive theContinue reading “Packing Up The Kitchen”

The Kitchen Garden

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN THE CLUSTER TO ACCESS ENLARGED GALLERY Here is another look  at our existing kitchen. The section alongside the hobs is effectively the Culinary Queen’s current work surface. As shown in ‘Before The Makeover 1’ the oven, microwave, and fan occupy the other side of the small area at the back.Continue reading “The Kitchen Garden”

The Triangle

I spent the morning clearing the garage. First I finished removing the IKEA wardrobes; then garden tools went to the orange shed; then various other items went into the house. There are still a few tidy boxes of items from which younger homemakers may wish to take their pick. Otherwise the room is ready forContinue reading “The Triangle”