In Memoriam

‘The Conjugial Angel’ is the title of the second novella in A. S. Byatt’s diptych published as ‘Angels & Insects’ that I featured recently. I finished reading this one today. The link between the two shorter works is the treatment of Victorian obsessions. Using the medium of a dramatic séance ‘The Conjugial Angel’ takes usContinue reading “In Memoriam”

A Surprising Revelation

Morpho Eugenia is one of a pair of novellas by A. S. Byatt published as by Chatto & Windus in 1992. (Cover by Norman Adams) I finished reading the first tale today. In just 160 pages Byatt has woven a work of philosophy, fable, scientific, and sociological study – all in powerful, delicate, elegantly descriptiveContinue reading “A Surprising Revelation”