Cheered Up By Sunset

Today began unpromisingly dull and wet. I scanned the last few colour slides from Abney Park Cemetery in May 2008. The second image and the two which follow have been converted to black and white. The first of these shows a typically decorated capital. The second is the Pesman family grave. According to FredericContinue reading “Cheered Up By Sunset”

The Menagerist

In her Foreword to her ‘The Proud Tower’, Barbara W. Tuchman states that ‘this book is an attempt to discover the quality of the world from which the Great War came’. First published in 1966, this is largely a collection of previously published writings gathered together. The first, entitled, ‘The Patricians – England: 1895-1902’, describesContinue reading “The Menagerist”

In The Line Of Duty

Back in March Nick Hayter was scheduled to decorate our kitchen and sitting room. The first coronavirus lockdown put paid to that. He rebooked this for tomorrow. We are going into another full lockdown on Thursday. We don’t know how much Nick will be able to do in the available time, but, ever optimistic, weContinue reading “In The Line Of Duty”

“Unplug It”

This post this morning on the acclaimed novel prompted my thoughts to return to my own copy – a first edition from 1993. I concur with Vibha Lohani’ s assessment of the novel and suspect that her comparison of it with the TV series, although I haven’t watched it, is accurate. I am ratherContinue reading ““Unplug It””