“Unplug It”

This post this morning https://throughthecolouredglass.wordpress.com/2020/10/30/a-suitable-boy/ on the acclaimed novel prompted my thoughts to return to my own copy – a first edition from 1993. I concur with Vibha Lohani’ s assessment of the novel and suspect that her comparison of it with the TV series, although I haven’t watched it, is accurate. I am ratherContinue reading ““Unplug It””

Mostly Around Notting Hill

For this post I have reverted to the tried, tested, and trusted editorial facility. I have almost come to the end of my Streets of London series of colour slides produced in the first decade of this century. Today I scanned a few from May 2008. Crossing the Hammersmith & City Underground Railway line nearContinue reading “Mostly Around Notting Hill”


When I posted The Magnificent Seven, I was in France, and not carrying my archived photos from 2008.  I was therefore unable to illustrate it suitably.  This morning, having stored them on the new iMac, I picked a few at random and added a postscript.  It wasn’t quite a straightforward operation because I had toContinue reading “Nomansland”

The Magnificent Seven

6.4.13 This morning was spent accompanying Maggie, Mike and Bill wandering first around the industrial centre outside the town and then around Bergerac itself.   The other customers in the large supermarkets on the outskirts were mostly French, whereas the Saturday market sprawling across streets both old and new, featured a fair smattering of English accents. Continue reading “The Magnificent Seven”