New Forest Emporium

While Jackie and Becky visited New Forest Emporium & Water Garden Centre  this afternoon, I opted to stay and rest in the warmth, where I finished reading the 7th story in my Gogol collection and posted

The ladies brought back a good report of this antiques emporium and water garden with its own café that looks as if its fry up has to be sampled. They chose carrot cake and coffee.

Here is Jackie’s picture of a thatched cottage alongside the project,

and of the highly recommended and friendly family run B.J. Parrett & Son Ltd filling in a pothole.

I have published this prematurely and will complete it later with details of the dinner which Ian brought with him when he rejoined us later.

Said dinner, purchased from Ian’s local Emsworth Farm shop, consisted of a first rate range of steaks, mine being a succulent rib eye, expertly cooked by Becky; chips of both red and white potatoes; potato gratins; onion rings; and garden peas, with which I drank Lacaze Valle Central Cabernet Carménère 2022, a juicy and spicy, red wine perfect for accompanying such good steaks. There are also excellent fruit and ginger cakes which I probably won’t be able to manage.