The Official Photographer

Yesterday’s recovery from my knee surgery moved on apace today. My head is so much clearer than it was at this stage last May. Asking me to wiggle my toes, Mr Kask informed me that the operation was straightforward, which is his way of expressing satisfaction.

The physiotherapists were impressed with the amount of flexibility I already have. In both the morning and the afternoon sessions I was able, with the aid of a walking frame, to leave the bed and walk to the wall a very short distance away and back.

At this time Jackie is the Official Photographer, taking the role fulfilled in Dunedin, New Zealand, by Pauline’s daughter, Danella.

This afternoon she captured me loading these two photographs onto WordPress in readiness for this post, completed after her departure. I  am still plugged into an oxygen supply giving me a rather fetching moustache extension. The two oranges in the first picture were left with me by James, a  very pleasant companion who had shared my room for 24 hours.

I think the starter for my evening meal was parsnip soup. This followed by a flavoursome vegetable lasagna will plentiful fresh salad and chips like my mother used to make. I drank water.