First Milestone Of 1992


Derrick 7.92

I reached my half century in July 1992.

London group party 7.92

The first celebration, for a group of friends based in London, took place in Michael and Heidi’s garden at Tanfield Road in Croydon.

Carole 7.92

Among others they included Carole,

Steve 7.92

and Steve.

Mike Craven 7.92

The next event was held at our home in Newark. Friends included Mike Craven,

Giles 7.92

Giles, and quite a few more.

Louisa 7.92

Louisa, and Sam were in attendance.

Derrick 7.92 2

So was I.

Derrick 7.92 4Derrick 7.92 2

Naturally, Jessica had made a cake, and I was obliged to blow out the candles. This caused a certain amount of amusement;

Jessica and others 7.92

then, especially by Jessica

Louisa, Derrick and others 7.92

and Louisa,

Derrick 7.92 5

who offered some assistance, I was eagerly watched as I cut it.

Mum 7.92 1Mum 7.92 2

As was her wont, Mum found her way to the washing up.

Jessica and Mum 7.92

Jessica kept her company.

I do hope my shirt had been washed between these two parties. This was the first milestone of 1992. The second is to follow.

Shelly and Ron visited to return various cooking pots from the weekend, and I printed a few of the pictures for Shelly and Donna.

Mr Pink’s fish and chips joined our gherkins and pickled onions for dinner this evening. Jackie drank Hoegaarden, and I drank more of the Bordeaux.