A Taster


First thing this morning I cancelled the BT Broadband package. This was not quite as straightforward as I’d hoped. I had to listen to various explanations and incentives including, yet again being told I could have faster broadband. The best explanation concerned why, for some years now, when the payment is taken out of my bank account, the telephone account has to stay in Jackie’s name. This is because credit checks are made when the contract begins. Never mind that the person’s income might later change. I politely indicated that I didn’t care what the reason was and suggested that they might wish to make a credit check on me. Once again I related the story of the superfast broadband farce. We must wait a month for the cancellation to be effective.

We needed to retain the phone line and our e-mail addresses. As expected, we will be charged for the phone line; as not expected we will be charged £5 per month to retain our e-mail addresses. These are only free when you have a package deal.

Later, Jackie drove us to Upper Dicker for a surprise visit to Matthew, Tess, and Poppy to celebrate our son’s birthday. Becky and Ian joined us later.

Sunset 1

It is now almost midnight, so I will leave you with a taster of the event, in the form of a sunset from the window of the flat above the village shop. I will report on the rest tomorrow.