Mastering The Technique

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE TO ACCESS GALLERIES THAT CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE. Well, I’m still struggling to upload photographs. James Peacock came this morning to get fibre optic broadband under way, but BT Open Reach had not taken the last step in installation. This appears to have been done late this afternoon so JamesContinue reading “Mastering The Technique”

‘Communication Is The Key’

CLICK ON IMAGES FOR ACCESS TO LARGER GALLERIES WHICH CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE. ‘Every cloud’, we are told, ‘has a silver lining’. Sometimes this is difficult to see. This good outcome from my Broadband problems, however, became clear this morning when the very personable Mike Smith came to install a new phone line. Firstly,Continue reading “‘Communication Is The Key’”


Photograph number 43 in the ‘through the ages’ series was probably taken by Vivien and printed by her brother Bernard in 1962. Bernard always used a square format. Here, I sit on a cast iron and wooden-slatted bench in the garden of 18 Bernard Gardens to which we had moved as a family a coupleContinue reading “Why?”

August In December

This morning, with rain threatening, in order to deliver dry cleaning, I walked to the Village Shop and back. On the way down I met three male walkers seeking interesting birds. I mentioned that there were many rooks around. They pronounced those boring and told me they had seen a chaffinch. Later a robin flittedContinue reading “August In December”