An Unexpected Portrait

Yesterday, by a narrow margin, Ireland won their rugby match against France. This was an excellent contest, and secured the championship for the victors. It went down very well in the Irish evening in support of CAFOD, which we attended with Helen and Bill, Shelly and Ron. Catholic Aid For Overseas Development is an officialContinue reading “An Unexpected Portrait”

Darkness At Noon

It was a bright and cheerful morning when I set off this morning to walk the Shave Wood loop and survey the effects of yesterday’s storm. No more trees seem to have been uprooted or severely damaged, but there is more surface water than I have seen before. Water runs down the slightest incline, beContinue reading “Darkness At Noon”

Driving Hazards

This morning was cold and bright as I walked down to Football Green, up through the rear entrance to Minstead Lodge, and back home via Seamans Lane. On Running Hill I was reminded that last year’s foals are catching up their parents in height. The black mane sported by the younger pony in the pictureContinue reading “Driving Hazards”


Photograph number 43 in the ‘through the ages’ series was probably taken by Vivien and printed by her brother Bernard in 1962. Bernard always used a square format. Here, I sit on a cast iron and wooden-slatted bench in the garden of 18 Bernard Gardens to which we had moved as a family a coupleContinue reading “Why?”

An Inspirational Visit

Accompanied by a couple of friends we lunched on excellent fish and chips at The Trusty Servant.  I drank a pint of Doom Bar.  After our meal we attended Minstead Lodge where Noura met us for a tour of this huge building, probably a Victorian reproduction of an earlier manor house. It was Noura’s dayContinue reading “An Inspirational Visit”

‘They Don’t Cook The Veg’

Last night I began reading ‘Her Brilliant Career – Ten Extraordinay Women of the Fifties’ by Rachel Cooke. Early this morning I received an e-mail from Alex Schneideman attaching rebalanced copies of my two historic photos from yesterday. They were so pleasing that I substituted them for my own versions in that day’s post.  TheContinue reading “‘They Don’t Cook The Veg’”

A Precarious Career

Horses and carriages are not an unusual sight in the lanes of Minstead.  As I walked down toward Football Green this morning, a horse pulling an old carriage containing two gentlemen trotted towards me directly into the sun, which glinted from the windscreens of the convoy of cars keeping pace with it.  Like any otherContinue reading “A Precarious Career”

Conversation Breaks

This morning I disturbed our cervine trio on the upper drive.  I had intended to walk my  ampersand, but took a right turn just before reaching the usual ford.  This road, unsurprisingly, also had a ford.  Passing Newtown I took a bridleway up to the main road towards Emery Down and returned by my normal route.Continue reading “Conversation Breaks”