Precursor Of The Microwave


Mum had a fall two days ago and injured her arm and ribs. She had spent one night in hospital and was now back home.

Jackie and I drove over to her house at West End late this afternoon.

Mum had begun braising lamb slices for her dinner. Jackie finished the task and prepared and cooked crisp carrots, cauliflower and boiled potatoes.

While this was going on a nurse arrived to dress Mum’s wounds. This required the elderly patient to hold up her arm whilst butterfly stitches were removed. After a minute or two, I grasped her wrist and supported the limb during the rather painful process.

Mum and her dinner

Our mother found the size of the meal placed in front of her somewhat daunting. After yesterday, I had some idea as to how she felt. She did, however, eat practically all of it.

Jackie warmed the plate by placing it on top of the steamer used to cook the vegetables. The saucepan lid sat above that. This reminded me of how Mum had heated our previously cooked meals in the post war days before microwaves were invented. The food was plated up, lidded, and placed on top of a pan of boiling water.

After seeing Mum settled down for a snooze we drove to Elizabeth’s and took her for a meal at Jewels Indian restaurant in West End. The food was excellent and the service friendly and attentive, if a little slow. My meal was Chicken Naga Masala. We shared a garlic naan, broccoli and cauliflower bhaji, and special fried rice. Cobra, Kingfisher, and Chilean Merlot was variously imbibed.