Catching Up On ‘A Knight’s Tale’

Today, another warm, overcast, and dull one, I made considerable headway on ‘A Knight’s Tale’, which had somewhat staggered to a halt. In doing so, I plundered text and illustrations from postsĀ ‘Wimbledon College As I Knew It’; ‘Did You Mean The Off Break?’; ‘Latin Gave Me Up’; ‘Get Two’; and ‘No-one Forgets A Good Teacher’.Continue reading “Catching Up On ‘A Knight’s Tale’”

‘That’s A Fork’

Today I joined The Head Gardener in the continuation of the clearance of the Unidentified Fir Bed. This meant tackling it from the Phantom Path side. Once freed from the rampant, choking, vinca, shrubs such as hebes had to be cut down to compensate for the legginess that had developed. The unnamed tree itself nowContinue reading “‘That’s A Fork’”

A Metaphor

This morning I finished reading the final book of Chesterton’s Father Brown stories. I have to say that these last works are not, on the whole, as enjoyable as the earlier ones. The writer seems to philosophise rather too much for this particular genre and to overwork the language. He seeks alliteration to the extentContinue reading “A Metaphor”