Today we welcomed steady incessant rainfall which took me back to scanning another set of prints from the Bembridge holiday of August 2000. These are a record of a trip to Sandown’s Yaverland Beach. Is this a special stone Emily is displaying? Jessica tows Emily and Oliver in the dinghy; then Oliver romps on theContinue reading “Yaverland”

A Metaphor

This morning I finished reading the final book of Chesterton’s Father Brown stories. I have to say that these last works are not, on the whole, as enjoyable as the earlier ones. The writer seems to philosophise rather too much for this particular genre and to overwork the language. He seeks alliteration to the extentContinue reading “A Metaphor”

A Swing, A Wall, And A Seat

Today, the virus is loosening its hold a little. Jackie’s sister Shelly, glowing fresh from Florida, brought a bit of sunshine to us this morning. This afternoon I scanned another batch of colour slides, this time from July 1972. I don’t remember where I obtained the swing I set up in the garden of our homeContinue reading “A Swing, A Wall, And A Seat”

Becky’s Book

The sun, peering across shrubbery on our lawn through the trunks of naked trees, rose into a clear pale slate-blue sky, ready to dry the dew this morning. Sometime in 1973 I began to make a book for Becky, then my youngest daughter. It was planned for her fourth birthday the following year. I used water-colour pencilsContinue reading “Becky’s Book”

‘I Wanna Tell You A Story’

Following yesterday’s discovery of my blocked debit card, I had further conversations with Barclays Bank in France this morning. I was directed to an exchange of e-mails I had had with their representative in November last year. The problem was caused by my having unknowingly slipped into overdraft, for the only time in five years,Continue reading “‘I Wanna Tell You A Story’”

The Forest Den

On another bright morning I had intended a walk based on The Splash ford, however, directly opposite the end of Lower Drive, I was tempted into the forest by the sight of five ponies foraging in what is an unusual location for them. Having gone in to make their acquaintance, I continued and repeated theContinue reading “The Forest Den”