More Dead-Heading

With yesterday’s overnight fierce winds roaring into this morning, taking a break for lunch, I began a further dead-heading session,

filling a trug with clippings – those that I could reach, from

Peach Abundance which demanded by a long way quite the most effort.

After lunch I turned my attention to the Back Drive and, on the proviso that I could reach them,

white Félicité Perpétue with Emily Gray;

white Perpetual Blush with Emily Gray;

yellow Doris Tysterman and deep red Ernest Morse;

tiny red Super Elfin;

and an unnamed pale pink rose bought some years ago for £1.

I filled the trug once more, emptied it for the second time into a compost bin, and staggered sweating into the safety of my sitting room chair.

This evening we dined on Mr Pink’s excellent fish and chips, Garner’s pickled onions and Mrs Elswood’s pickled gherkins.

A Few Roses

While she was tidying up the compost bins this morning Jackie remembered the name of

the rambler draping the dead tree trunks – Emily Gray.

Meanwhile I carried out a little weeding and dead-heading, becoming increasingly overwhelming each day. While the light was still diffused I photographed a few more roses,

namely Roseraie de l’Hay, For Your Eyes Only, Rhapsody in Blue, Crown Princess Margareta of Sweden, Mum in a Million (with Gladioli Byzantinus, and Peach Abundance.

Our later flowering rhododendron is now budding nicely

This is one of our three Doctor Ruppel clematises.

Tonight’s dinner consisted of baked gammon, piquant cheese and mustard sauce, moist ratatouille, boiled new potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, and broccoli.

They Escaped The Secateurs

Jackie spent much of the day watering the garden; my major task was dead heading roses. Here is a gallery of some of those that escaped the secateurs:

Each picture is labelled in the gallery which can be accessed by clicking on any image.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s hot, spicy, pasta arrabbiata with which she drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the Cabernet Sauvignon.

A Bunch Of Roses

This afternoon I dead headed some roses then photographed them.

In the Rose Garden, Mum in a million is chaperoned by similarly hued self seeded foxgloves and gladioli that have found their way from the compost;

Summer Time, already tied up has sprung away from its tether and needed to be put back in its place;

Absolutely Fabulous is on the verge of living up to its name;

Festive Jewel is heavy with shining examples;

and For Your Eyes Only stretches far and wide. This last example is the only rose in the Rose Garden without a splendid fragrance.

In The Oval Bed Peach Abundance is a lavish cornucopia of delights;

Scarlet is represented by Altissimo at the corner of Elizabeth’s Bed,

and by Paul’s eponymous climber now dominating the wisteria arbour alongside clouds of blue solanum.

Spanning dead stumps along the back drive we have sweetly scented Emily Gray.

Compassion climbs alongside the Dead End Path;

nearby beside the patio an unnamed peach specimen sways in the breeze.

Whoops. I pressed post prematurely. I’ll tell you what we had for dinner tomorrow.