Resting My Leg

Forced to rest my injured leg, this afternoon I published then read a good chunk of V.S. Naipaul’s ‘A Way in the World’. This evening we dined on Mr Pink’s fish, chips, Garner’s Pickled Onions and Mrs Elwood’s Pickled Cucumbers, with which Jackie drank Hoegaarden, I drank London Pride, Flo drank Lipton’s iced tea, andContinue reading “Resting My Leg”

The Good Soldier

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. Today I finished reading This frontispiece contains one of Philip Bannister’s excellent illustrations. Although the term was not universally adopted until 1925, the Art Deco period had already begun in France by 1915, when Ford’s novel was first published. This, I imagine, is what inspired Bannister’s front cover design. TheContinue reading “The Good Soldier”

I’ll ‘Ave The Fish

Fields of buttercups on the way through Minstead were rather less than successful in brightening up a very dull morning as I walked the Shave Wood loop. For a few brief moments the woodland was provided with dappled sunlight which managed to penetrate both the clouds and the trees.  Perky violas, and unfurling cowslips andContinue reading “I’ll ‘Ave The Fish”

You Deserve All You Get

Today was warm enough for us to lunch outside, using a small table and folding chairs on the stone path leading up to the kitchen door.  Jackie’s small garden outside there is taking shape.  This afternoon we drove to Aldi at Romsey for potting compost, a Polish Spirit clematis and a few other items. LastContinue reading “You Deserve All You Get”

The Dordogne Chippy

9.6.12. This morning I was collected by my long-term friends Maggie and Michael.  For coffee we visited their friends Cath and Charles, ex-pats from the West Country, all of us continuing for a drive through changing countryside to the Agenais region. Vines gave way to hazel and plum plantations. Arriving at our destination, the imposing castleContinue reading “The Dordogne Chippy”