I Felt More Than Somewhat Queasy


Today I continued the scanning of colour negatives made in Cumbria on 18th August 1992, and last mentioned in ‘Welcome To The World’.

Boats on lake 18.8.92

 We visited a popular boating lake,

on which Jessica rowed our friend Alison Barran.

I have occasionally mentioned my fear of heights. This is described in particular in ‘Vertigo’.

Jessica never gave up trying to get me up mountains. Place Fell, which we scaled on the day in question was a case in point.

A sparkling waterfall fairly near the bottom was not too scary. I could have settled for that.

Granite boulder on Place Fell 18.8.92

The cleft in this granite boulder was an example of the rugged nature of the terrain.

Others littered the sloping hillsides on which hikers had trodden a clear path along which Jessica fearlessly strode,

eventually reaching the summit. In order to avoid any misunderstanding I am honour bound to state that

Jessica on Place Fell 18.8.92 7

I may just about have managed to stand at a high point to depict her gazing across the lumpy terrain,

Jessica on Place Fell summit. 18.8.92

but there was no way it would have been perched alongside this marker cairn.

Indeed I felt more than somewhat queasy enough when taking some of these shots on the way up. Note the sheep in the second picture.

Unfortunately most of the compositions did not lend themselves to cropping out the unsightly date stamp.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s Post House Pie served with carrots, green beans, and cauliflower.  Dessert was lemon Swiss roll and vanilla ice cream. I finished the Bordeaux.

A Devon Holiday


Ace Reclaim bench

On this pleasant but blustery day , I spent a while reading on the Ace Reclaim bench. My current novel is ‘The Death of the Heart’ by Elizabeth Bowen. Naturally, my eyes wavered to take in the views offered from this vantage point.

View from Ace Reclaim bench

Straight ahead is the Palm Bed and beyond;


to my left the path continues past the Fiveways chimney pot;

House from Ace Reclaim bench

and back to the house to my right.

Later, I scanned some colour negatives of a holiday Jessica, Sam, Louisa, and I took in Devon with a neighbouring family in September 1983. We are no longer in touch with these friends, so I do not have their permission to post photographs of them and their children. However, I am able to publish

Dart Valley Railway 9.83 1

the Dart Valley Railway train and platform,

Steam Dome

including the steam dome from the historic engine.

I don’t remember exactly where we stayed, but our entrance into the guest house was never to be forgotten. We arrived when all the other residents were eating. As we trooped through the dining room, Sam announced to the assembled company, ‘I’ve got nits’. We then quickened our paces somewhat.

Perhaps it was on Dartmoor that we came across

Granite boulders

heaps of granite boulders,

Rocky stream

sometimes with streams running down them.

Jessica, Louisa, Sam and Maggie Bussell

There was plenty of rocky terrain, as Jessica, Sam, and Louisa discovered.

Jessica and Louisa 9.83

Louisa needed her Mum to give her a lift occasionally.

Sam on bridge 9.83

Ever adventurous, Sam strode over an ancient stone bridge.

I was even photographing

Red admirals on daisies

Red Admirals


and bees in those days;

Leaf backlit diseased 9.83

even a diseased leaf caught my attention.

Louisa 9.83 1

Finally there was a portrait of Louisa in her customary finger and thumb sucking tired pose.

This evening I dined on Jackie’s perfect pork risotto.