I Felt More Than Somewhat Queasy


Today I continued the scanning of colour negatives made in Cumbria on 18th August 1992, and last mentioned in ‘Welcome To The World’.

Boats on lake 18.8.92

 We visited a popular boating lake,

on which Jessica rowed our friend Alison Barran.

I have occasionally mentioned my fear of heights. This is described in particular in ‘Vertigo’.

Jessica never gave up trying to get me up mountains. Place Fell, which we scaled on the day in question was a case in point.

A sparkling waterfall fairly near the bottom was not too scary. I could have settled for that.

Granite boulder on Place Fell 18.8.92

The cleft in this granite boulder was an example of the rugged nature of the terrain.

Others littered the sloping hillsides on which hikers had trodden a clear path along which Jessica fearlessly strode,

eventually reaching the summit. In order to avoid any misunderstanding I am honour bound to state that

Jessica on Place Fell 18.8.92 7

I may just about have managed to stand at a high point to depict her gazing across the lumpy terrain,

Jessica on Place Fell summit. 18.8.92

but there was no way it would have been perched alongside this marker cairn.

Indeed I felt more than somewhat queasy enough when taking some of these shots on the way up. Note the sheep in the second picture.

Unfortunately most of the compositions did not lend themselves to cropping out the unsightly date stamp.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s Post House Pie served with carrots, green beans, and cauliflower.  Dessert was lemon Swiss roll and vanilla ice cream. I finished the Bordeaux.


      1. On the Mac; if you bring up the photo you want to edit – click edit then Retouch (the icon is a bandaid on Photo) then select the size you want according to the size of what you want to erase, then go to the picture with your cursor (which would look like a circle of the size you selected and go over the bits you don’t want (click and drag). I use a trackpad instead of a mouse so I just move my finger over the trackpad. Easy.

        1. Many thanks, Mary. I had never thought of using retouch for anything other than dust and hair spots. I probably won’t bother to change the posts but will correct the originals and any more that still have the date on them.

  1. Fantastic scenery and shots. The last one is positively scary, even if one doesn’t suffer from vertigo. The composition lends itself to giving more of a feeling of drop than pictures usually do. Some of mine which took a bit of nerve to take look tame.

  2. Oh, Lord – the one of her next to that marker gives me the willies. I don’t even like circular stairs or the second floor of the mall! I know it’s a nonsense fear, but that’s no help.

  3. Smiling at this one, Derrick. I took my father on a cable car up to a 10,000 ft. peak in Utah, didn’t find out until about 20 years later that he had a fear of heights. He put on a brave front. Your pics are wonderful, Jessica…brave.

  4. Something else we have in common, I felt queasy just looking at Jessica standing by the cairn,
    Yet I have no fear of flying, I even took up flying and flew Cessna’s and Victor “AirTourers” back in the late 60’s early 70’s .
    And I can’t explain why 😕

  5. The row boats reminded me of the Barking Park Lake, I’d row boats just like that around the lake with my mother and father sitting back steering; it was a peaceful time 🙂

  6. Le Cantal, the place I tend to think of as home, has a tremendous likeness to Cumbria and these pictures remind of why I think that. Well done for taking such marvellous images whilst nauseous from being on high … Jessica’s persuasion was certainly worth it. I’m now idly wondering what I was doing in 1992 – oh yes, pregnant with number three daughter so probably as queasy as you were!!

  7. The picture of Jessica beside the cairn made me groan – I trust it was not quite as precarious as the crop makes it seem! My sweetheart has a theory that some people are valley people (I presume there must be hills or mountains to go with those) and some people instinctively like the plains.

  8. My fear of heights kept me from flying. I flew for the first time in 2015 and love it. But I won’t be climbing any mountains or crossing bridges that con ect said mountains.

  9. I am not too queasy on trips up hill but taking photos, looking downwards, may make me sick. The beauty in the photos is both worth the views and are especially appreciated! 🙂

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