“Where’s Mouse?”

While watching for an opportunity to photograph the field mouse yesterday, Jackie made a few more pictures. Seated beneath the wisteria she could see the Dragon Bed with its pelargoniums, geraniums, foxglove, and ivy; her favourite garden view; a baby blackbird, not yet having acquired fear; and a greenfinch screeching from the Weeping Birch. SheContinue reading ““Where’s Mouse?””

Continuing To Cater

This was another fine, but cool, day. As usual when Jackie stepped out of the stable door to fill the robin family’s breakfast tray Nugget appeared in the wisteria before she had opened the cereal jar. Soon after the Head Gardener had attended to her ever-multiplying avian infants we set out on what was plannedContinue reading “Continuing To Cater”

Feeding Fledglings

Yesterday Jackie photographed these deep magenta gladioli Byzantinus in the evening sunlight. This morning she focussed on her white and blush pink foxgloves happily located beside viburnum Plicatum, red Japanese maple and long lived camellia; not forgetting blue iris, white Erigeron and osteospermum sharing a bed with diurnal orange poppies; her favourite colour way ofContinue reading “Feeding Fledglings”

Sparring Sparrows

This morning I spent some time studying the various avian eating activities. Garish goldfinches; red-breasted robins – Ron or Ronette;   daredevil dunnocks; squabbling sparrows; great tits all balanced precariously¬†on the feeders swinging in today’s cooler east wind. I was fascinated by the various grips. The great tits grasped the mesh grid; a goldfinch grippedContinue reading “Sparring Sparrows”

120 Animal Casualties

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN A GROUP TO ACCESS ITS ENLARGED GALLERY This morning a couple of administrative problems fell into place. Although I couldn’t get through to Lymington Hospital on the subject of my ophthalmic appointment, my GP’s secretary managed to confirm that the date for later this month still stands. I also receivedContinue reading “120 Animal Casualties”

It Had Been Got At

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. This morning was overcast, very humid, and oppressive, presaging the rain that would barely dribble in this afternoon. My reluctant effort was to cut off a few dead tree branches that had been twisted by the wind, but not actually snapped off; and to wage continued warContinue reading “It Had Been Got At”

A New Fashion Print

Jackie spent most of another fine spring day working on her soil replenishment project. Can you spot her? You certainly can now that¬†the sunlight has provided her with a new fashion print. To the left of the eucalyptus can be seen one of the freshly planted mimuluses. Here is another. The red Japanese maple standsContinue reading “A New Fashion Print”

No Contest

Yesterday’s airborne avian shadow was a jackdaw perched on a TV aerial some distance away. As the evening sun lowered in the West, Flo continued her bird photography. The collared dove took its turn at the feeding tray, until its mate dislodged it. Settling in the weeping birch it pondered a pigeon, practiced its trapezeContinue reading “No Contest”