To The Lighthouse

On another overcast morning Aaron, tasked with improving our stepping stone escape route from the Dead End Path to the patio, fetched some spare paving from his own home and produced this level work. He was one stone short and will bring that next week. I first read in 1989. About 20 years later IContinue reading “To The Lighthouse”

“Where’s Mouse?”

While watching for an opportunity to photograph the field mouse yesterday, Jackie made a few more pictures. Seated beneath the wisteria she could see the Dragon Bed with its pelargoniums, geraniums, foxglove, and ivy; her favourite garden view; a baby blackbird, not yet having acquired fear; and a greenfinch screeching from the Weeping Birch. SheContinue reading ““Where’s Mouse?””

A Central Rectangle

Louise DeSalvo’s work on Virginia Woolf which I featured recently in prompted me to return to ‘Between The Acts’, the writer’s last novel. Dr DeSalvo had sought metaphors and other phrases in the novel which could be referring to Woolf’s childhood sexual abuse. I could see the possible reasons for the doctor’s interpretations, but,Continue reading “A Central Rectangle”

Seeking Acquaintance

Dr Louise DeSalvo (1942-2018) was, according to Katherine Q. Seelye’s obituary of November 11th 2018 in The New York Times ( ) ‘a Virginia Woolf scholar and memoirist’. She was Professor of English at Hunter College, New Jersey. This afternoon I finished reading her book “Virginia Woolf: The Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse onContinue reading “Seeking Acquaintance”

Memorable Fitzrovians

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. THOSE IN GROUPS ACCESS GALLERIES THAT CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE. Today I scanned another dozen colour slides from July 2004. The first three are of Flo getting to grips with the swing suspended from a false acacia tree in the garden at Lindum House. The others are the nextContinue reading “Memorable Fitzrovians”