On Station Road

Jackie really enjoys the garden view from the stable door. Here it was early this morning. At the moment she is putting the rows of watering cans to repeated use on a daily basis. After I had taken the above photographs my Chauffeuse drove me along Christchurch Road, where we passed baled hay being loadedContinue reading “On Station Road”

Just The Business

CLICK ON THE CLUSTERED IMAGES TO ACCESS GALLERIES THAT CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE. JUST CLICK ON THE INDIVIDUAL ONE Especially in the mud and rain, watching me struggle to change camera lenses, or switch devices from a commercial camera bag, set Jackie’s creative juices flowing. She decided to make me a lighter, more userContinue reading “Just The Business”

A Bouncing Baby Boy

We drove back to Highcliffe early this afternoon, for Jackie to shop and for me to walk. The contrast between this moist Monday and yesterday’s sunny Sunday was marked.  Highcliffe beach was deserted except for me and a jogger.  I walked along the cliff top first, before descending to the shore by muddy steps besideContinue reading “A Bouncing Baby Boy”