Not Really A Crime Scene

I have received a 4th Anniversary Greeting from WordPress. Haircut; car tax; filling up with petrol; paying in cheques; a new plant tray. I don’t normally report on the mundane, but this lot did occupy most of the morning. This was a day of poor light, not conducive to photography, so I scanned some more colour slidesContinue reading “Not Really A Crime Scene”

Wiltshire And The West End

Steady rain fell most of the day, so I scanned some more colour slides for posterity. The more observant readers will note that I have converted three to black and white images. 19th December 1979 was Matthew’s eleventh birthday. Being the generous soul he is, he allowed Becky to blow out his cake candles. I had toContinue reading “Wiltshire And The West End”

Meandering Through Soho

Today I travelled by tube to Victoria for a trip around my ’70s home in Soho.  As I neared Morden station two community support police officers rushed past me towards the crowded forecourt.  I thought we were in for some excitement, but they simply wanted to board the 93 bus. Leaving the underground at VictoriaContinue reading “Meandering Through Soho”