A Knight’s Tale (69: Soho’s Seamy Side)

It was probably meths that the dead man was drinking. On Sunday mornings, after the wild life of the night before, Soho was generally calm and civilised. The small garden squares, like Soho Square in which a visitor photographed me in October 2017, were tranquil places in which to settle with a book. In 1975Continue reading “A Knight’s Tale (69: Soho’s Seamy Side)”

A Knight’s Tale (67: “Don’t Turn Round”)

Following the captured boy featured in my last episode I found another reason for a foray into neighbouring premises. As shown in this very small header picture taken from Wikipedia, Horse and Dolphin Yard is entered beneath an extension of the corner building which spans the De Hems pub and what, in those days wasContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (67: “Don’t Turn Round”)”

The Lion Dance

Knowing that we were to celebrate the Chinese New Year this evening at The Family House in Totton, I delved into my old slide boxes and found some of a similar event taken in March 1980, just before we moved from Horse & Dolphin Yard to Gracedale Road in Furzedown, South West London. Each Chinese NewContinue reading “The Lion Dance”

Meandering Through Soho

Today I travelled by tube to Victoria for a trip around my ’70s home in Soho.  As I neared Morden station two community support police officers rushed past me towards the crowded forecourt.  I thought we were in for some excitement, but they simply wanted to board the 93 bus. Leaving the underground at VictoriaContinue reading “Meandering Through Soho”