A Knight’s Tale (19: She Saw The R100)

During a family discussion of my paternal grandfather’s teaching flying during WW1, my mother recounted her experience of a beautifully sunny day on 27th May 1930. There had been great disappointment in Manchester on the rainswept 16th December 1929, when the huge airship the R101 was expected to fly above the city. In fact the R101Continue reading “A Knight’s Tale (19: She Saw The R100)”

She Saw The R100

Shelley made a brief visit this morning, and Mum, Elizabeth and Jacqueline came for lunch and spent the afternoon with us, largely sharing memories. After an exchange of presents, Jackie provided her excellent watercress soup, samosas, and a vast array of cooked meats and salad. I would like to say this was accompanied by a bottle of ThreeContinue reading “She Saw The R100”