My mother always told me that it was not good to scratch a scab, because when it itches it is a sign that it is getting better.

Well, I couldn’t reach the itch on my left ankle, and, as far I could tell, it wasn’t getting better. And it was quite a sharp itch. So I asked Jackie to investigate. She found a mosquito bite, and treated  it accordingly.

The pain in my knee doesn’t usually disturb my sleep. Last night it did. Perhaps that is why  I have been very drowsy today.

During mid-afternoon, slumped in a chair, I occasionally nodded off, failing to hold onto my book, which drew my attention as it slid to the floor.. I do apologise to Martin Amis, for being less than rapt by the last lines of  ‘Einstein’s Monsters’, his collection of short stories. Once I pulled myself together, I did appreciate his at times, muscular, at times reflective, writing. Four of the five tales had been published elsewhere before they were collected into this group in 1987. The debate about nuclear weapons that Amis, in his introduction, ‘Thinkability’, describes he enjoyed with his father, still rages today, when Kingsley’s views would seem to dominate.

Martin’s well crafted pieces span eras before and after his anticipated man-made catastrophe.

This evening, I enjoyed a second helping of Jackie’ s superb roast chicken meal with the addition of Yorkshire pudding. The Culinary Queen enjoyed a pasta dish