A Knight’s Tale (81: The Mudlarks)

I bought this glass cabinet which Elizabeth uses to show her collection of old glass artefacts, when I lived in Sutherland Place 2008, and passed it on to my sister when I moved in 2009.  Not shown in the header picture is the Victorian ceramic cold cream pot, complete with lid.  It is mainly thisContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (81: The Mudlarks)”

Kingston Connections

AS USUAL, IMAGES MAY BE ENLARGED BY CLICKING ON THEM. REPEAT IF NECESSARY. Given to me by Barrie earlier in the year, Neil Grant’s book ‘Village London Past & Present’, which I just finished reading, was a perfect adjunct to David Lawrence’s ‘Bright Open Spaces’. The author’s style is both informative and entertaining, and theContinue reading “Kingston Connections”


On this, the first hot summer’s day we have enjoyed this year, we gardened all day.  I had an unfortunate hiatus of about two hours during which I vainly tried to get my printer to produce the right colours in a print I was attempting to make of the picture of Harriet featuring in yesterday’s post.  IContinue reading “Mudlarking”