A Clip Round The Ear

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Early this afternoon Jackie drove us off to the north of The Forest. Refraining from the opportunity to indulge in her customary giggle on passing Sandy Balls, she settled for a late lunch at The Fighting Cocks in Godshill. The view from the pub across to theContinue reading “A Clip Round The Ear”

Who Is Lorna? Where Is She?

For those of you are new to this particular series, The Streets of London, are some 1,000 + colour slides of London which must contain the Street Name, and were all taken on walks through our capital. Today I scanned another dozen, from May 2004. This statue of Queen Victoria stands outside the Royal CourtsContinue reading “Who Is Lorna? Where Is She?”

‘I’ll Show My Boss, To Prove I’ve Been Doing some Work’

Jackie drove me to New Milton Station, and Ian collected me there after I had travelled to Tas in The Cut for lunch with Carol. On the train, I finished reading Isaac Asimov’s 1976 collection of stories entitled ‘The Bicentennial Man’. The author has almost expunged my antipathy towards science fiction. This is a largelyContinue reading “‘I’ll Show My Boss, To Prove I’ve Been Doing some Work’”

There’s Always Work Going On

Having, yesterday, mounted the Brick Path section in the first volume of garden album, I decided to leave the last four sheets blank for subsequent updates. Each of the previous sets of entries has been divided by a similar virgin page. Today I printed up the Phantom Path section with which to start volume two.Continue reading “There’s Always Work Going On”