Bed Head And Bum Flossing

On a warm and sunny morning we drove to the pharmacy at Milton on Sea, and on into the forest. Starry sun reflecting from a window on the Isle of Wight sparkled on the Solent, as it gently lapped against the sea wall and Hurst Castle in the distance. The eroding cliffs, speaking of manyContinue reading “Bed Head And Bum Flossing”

A Bit Close For Comfort

At midday Jackie drove Becky and me to Holmsley Old Station Tea Rooms where we enjoyed a lunch date with Helen and Bill, Shelly and Ron. After this we continued into the forest. I have mentioned before how difficult it is to back off from a pony when using a long lens. It isn’t reallyContinue reading “A Bit Close For Comfort”

A Clip Round The Ear

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Early this afternoon Jackie drove us off to the north of The Forest. Refraining from the opportunity to indulge in her customary giggle on passing Sandy Balls, she settled for a late lunch at The Fighting Cocks in Godshill. The view from the pub across to theContinue reading “A Clip Round The Ear”