In The Greenhouse

Reportedly only for a couple of days, the wind had stilled overnight. The day was dull and warmer, with very little rain. Jackie spent much of the morning rescuing tossed pots and loosened climbers. After lunch I gathered up numerous small broken branches, then cut the grass and produced a few pictures, one of whichContinue reading “In The Greenhouse”

Godwits Galore

This morning we drove to Ferndene Farm Shop for three bags of all Purpose compost. Jackie explored the rows of plants on sale as she also bought some trailing lobelias, and found time to encourage one of the resident pigs, which was labouring somewhat, to step up to the trough for a drink. On ourContinue reading “Godwits Galore”

Spot the Bees

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN THE GROUP TO ACCESS ITS GALLERY, INDIVIDUAL EXAMPLES OF WHICH CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE BY SCROLLING DOWN AND CHECKING BOX AT BOTTOM RIGHT Jackie continued watering the garden this morning. This afternoon we both carried out an extensive dead-heading session. After this, I wandered among the flitting butterflies andContinue reading “Spot the Bees”

Bees Beat Crab Apple Blossom

Jackie, with token assistance from me, continued with planting and watering today. I mostly rambled around, carting a few items along the paths. We have a selection of marigolds; ajugas, such as this one blending with pulmonaria, areĀ popping up everywhere; and our monstrous Spanish bluebells are thriving on the enriched soil. Among the recent plantingsContinue reading “Bees Beat Crab Apple Blossom”