Resisting The Spanish Invasion

This morning Jackie and I drove to our annual pilgrimage to Boldre’s Church Lane, with its high ancient hedgerows and its private bluebell woods. Banks and verges are now adorned, in addition to the bluebells, with white stitchworts, and yellow celandines and dandelions. Jackie and and I saw differing images in the gnarled bark ofContinue reading “Resisting The Spanish Invasion”

The Big Beast Barrier

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. Today, Jackie did a massive shop and I shifted a little more compost. Fluttering about the garden is what I think is, despite its yellow colouring, an Orange tip butterfly which stubbornly refuses to stop and pose. Instead this one held a mask of Honesty. This dwarf azalea is one thatContinue reading “The Big Beast Barrier”

Bees Beat Crab Apple Blossom

Jackie, with token assistance from me, continued with planting and watering today. I mostly rambled around, carting a few items along the paths. We have a selection of marigolds; ajugas, such as this one blending with pulmonaria, are popping up everywhere; and our monstrous Spanish bluebells are thriving on the enriched soil. Among the recent plantingsContinue reading “Bees Beat Crab Apple Blossom”

Putting Readers In The Picture

Some of my more recent followers were rather shocked by yesterday’s post. Those who have read my offerings over a longer period will possibly have been prepared by ‘My Branch Of The Family Tree’. It may now be worth explaining that the production of ‘Becky’s Book of Seasons’ was one way of dealing with my grief.Continue reading “Putting Readers In The Picture”