Keeping Their Heads Down

Gusts from the recent storms still swept the garden today.

The plastic cover wrapping the garden chairs was sucked in and out like bellows. We did our best to loosen yet still implement the rope ties applied yesterday.

The pink rose seen in the background swayed to and fro;

as did all the trees. The Β Weeping Birch limbs lashed like cats o’ nine tails, while flickering Japanese maple foliage frolicked on tightrope branches.

This afternoon we drove down to Milford on Sea for a brief look at the turbulent waves and Β spray soaring over the protective walls and raking the rocks below. The Isle of Wight was barely visible, although I could clearly see an intrepid couple walking along the distant sea wall while I struggled to keep myself and my camera steady.

Some gulls swooped and hovered above the waves, but most kept their heads down on the lower ground of the car park.

One photographer sensibly employed a tripod.

From here we continued on to visit Helen and Bill in their new home at Fordingbridge. They have downsized to a bungalow which offers a most comfortable sense of space. With Jacqueline also engaged in selling her house and buying another, there is definitely a sense of sisters on the move.
This evening we dined on meaty beef burgers with sautΓ©ed potatoes, onions and mushrooms. Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I drank Domaine Bonval Cote du Rhone 2016.


  1. The rose stands alone! πŸ™‚
    The wind can be harsh on the delicate plants and trees. πŸ™
    Your photos of the powerful waves are beautiful!
    And I love the gull gathering. I wonder if they are looking for their cars?! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

  2. Derrick, Waves looked rough and turbulent. I know what a pain it is to prep your gardens to save what you still can so you can enjoy them for as long as the winter months will let you.. I used to hate the high winds when they used to come thru our Dallas home No matter how tidy you had everything, the winds would cause havock and then we used to spend all day once the storms passed to clean everything up. It was a never ending job! Now, I simply have a plan and space dedicated to bring my plants into my RV when weather is going to be yucky or too cold since nothing is planted into the ground makes it easier to deal with and the weather here is a bit warmer than in your neck of the woods…
    Derrick, on a side note, can you let me know if my blogs are getting through successfully for the e past last week or so (from 11/23 and forward) as I not sure? Haven’t gotten any comments from anyone for the last several days? I am not really good on navigating around word press, as I just “wing it” on what Terry originally set up. I did notice last night that for some reason, I must of hit the “no comments” button and now have managed to set it once again to allow comments (I think). Not sure if when that button is reset, if it lets people comment to any of the older blogs when the button was inadvertently off. I notice this after I posted my newest post “Homebound for the Holidays”, then fixed the button to allow comments, then updated the blog just aforementioned, I am not sure if from your end you can now comment on my newest one because I updated that blog again after the comment button was turned back on? Don’t mean you or for anyone has to comment on each and everyone of my blogs, but just want to make sure I leave that option open and problem is fixed and at least that my blogs are successfully getting thru okay so people can enjoy them. Someday I need to update my blog and the introduction, but I hate to remove what Terry setup. I still wanted him to at least have a rightful place as the main person on his blog. I just don’t have the heart to take him off. I know it must make my blog confusing to new readers who don’t know the background and first see Terry intro and them read most current blogs from me. Thanks for your help Derrick..

    1. Thanks a lot Gary. What we get is a little blue box at bottom left saying ‘project not found’. I’ve just been back to the harrowing ‘Homebound for the Holidays’, and it is unchanged. I’m having to stop now, but I hope you get it sorted

      1. Okay Derrick. Appreciate your help. So I understand you could see new post, but comments button still a problem. Sorry for add all my messages, just teying ti figure what the glitch is.

  3. Thrilling photos of the waves in a variety of hues! Your words are superb as usual; especially β€œwhile the flickering Japanese maple foliage frolicked on tightrope branches.” ?

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