A Knight’s Tale (10: After The Revolution)

Then came the Russian revolution, when it was not safe to be out in St Petersburg at night, and even at dusk. The only police were very inefficient student volunteers who nevertheless did their best. All the old police were killed during the first days of the Revolution. As my great aunt Mabel was outContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (10: After The Revolution)”

A Knight’s Tale (3: A Relationship With My Dad)

Throughout the night we were beset by a thunderstorm, and I was beset by a barometric pressure headache. I wasn’t up to much this morning, but Jackie persuaded me to go for a drive this afternoon. Most of the areas to the east that we normally visit were far too crowded either to park orContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (3: A Relationship With My Dad)”


A peaceful-looking baby rabbit was found dead on the lawn a few hours after it had been seen gambolling there this morning.  There was speculation about poison, which may be awkward for the resident dogs.  I wouldn’t like to think anyone here would have put down anything lethal; and would a poisoned creature look so sublime?  IContinue reading “Holly”