Ellie Meets Dumpy

Today’s temperature was warmer and the air still.

Jackie and Dillon transported the last of our collection of garden refuse to Efford Recycling Centre this morning. Afterwards, the Head Gardener, in her general maintenance tasks produced more weeds and clippings for me to fill the first two bags to start the next stack.

Regular readers will know that it is rare for us to leave the dump empty handed. Today there were rich pickings.

Jackie brought back three garden chairs to replace some of our older seating;

and a ride-on donkey naturally named Dumpy. Slightly quizzical at first, Ellie quickly caught on to its purpose

Our great granddaughter kissed Dumpy goodbye when she set off on an outing with her parents. The jacket she is wearing was knitted by her Gram Gram Becky.

This evening we all dined on Red Chilli takeaway fare Рas promptly delivered and as well cooked as always. My choice was Naga Chilli Lamb and Special Fried Rice; we shared a peshwari naan and Ponir Tikka: others may state their main courses should they wish. Jackie finished the ros̩ and I finished the La Vieille Ferme.